Flood and Cyclone Relief Appeals


Auckland January and February 2023 Flooding

Beginning on Friday, 27 January 2023, regions across the upper North Island of New Zealand experienced widespread catastrophic floods caused by heavy rainfall, with Auckland being the most significantly affected.
Severe flash flooding occurred across Auckland from around 5:00 pm on 27 January local time, after heavy rain in the afternoon. Flooding was widespread across the city, with West Auckland and North Shore being the worst affected areas. NIWA reported that an entire summer's worth of rain fell within one day in what it described as a 1-in-200-year event. The event is considered to be the worst floods in Auckland's modern history. Over the following days other areas of the upper North Island were impacted.
Following lighter rain on 30 and 31 January, areas of Auckland flooded for a second time on the morning of 1 February after more heavy downpours.
Many of the affected areas are inside the boundaries of Rotary District 9910. Rotarians and Rotary Clubs have responded by assisting each other and their communities with the cleanup and recovery.

Cyclone Gabrielle

Severe Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle was a severe tropical cyclone that devastated the North Island of New Zealand and affected parts of Vanuatu and Australia in February 2023. It is the costliest tropical cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere, with damages estimated to be at least NZ$13 billion (US$8.12 billion). It was also the deadliest system to hit New Zealand since Cyclone Giselle in 1968, surpassing Cyclone Bola in 1988.
Existing states of emergency in Auckland and the Coromandel due to recent floods were extended, and new states of emergency were declared in other areas. The cyclone hit New Zealand from 12 to 16 February, with a national state of emergency being declared on 14 February 2023.
Extensive damage has been caused to multiple parts of New Zealand, with the most severe damage in the Hawkes Bay and Gisborne area (Rotary District 9930)

Cyclones Judy and Kevin - Vanuatu - March 2023

Severe Tropical Cyclone Judy and Severe Tropical Cyclone Kevin are a pair of intense tropical cyclones that made landfall on the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, within 48 hours of each other in March 2023.
Extensive damage has been caused across Vanuatu with major damage to houses, hospitals and communication systems. Rotary had 600 Emergency Response Kits (ERKS) situated in Port Vila and Santo, however there will be significant needs amongst the Vanuatu community to recover from these two cyclones which occurred back to back. Rotary World Community Service has established an appeal for funds to assist Vanuatu. See bottom of this page for further information.
We will update this page once the situation in Vanuatu becomes clearer (once communication is restored)

Rotary Appeals

Rotary is running appeals to raise money for projects related to flood and cyclone relief.
We would appreciate your contribution to one or more of the appeals below:


Funds to be distributed to Districts 9910, 9920 and 9930 to support flood and cyclone relief activities in all three Districts.
Select this appeal if you would like to see your funds spread evenly around the affected areas, or you can label your deposit with a District number to point your contribution towards a certain District.

By contributing through Rozops you can get a tax receipt for your contribution ($5 or more). Alternatively, donating through your Rotary Club's Charitable Trust can achieve the same thing.
Credit card payments can be made online at https://erp.rotaryoceania.zone/en/shop/flood-relief-appeal-155#attr=  (tax receipt will be issued)
or into this bank account:
ROZops Support office
Charitable Projects – NZ
ANZ Account # 06-0193-0905286-08


This fund will support flood and cyclone relief projects here in District 9910. 
Areas badly affected in District 9910 include parts of Northland, Dargaville, West Auckland and the North Shore.
Clubs can apply for funding for projects from the District Governor.

Payments can be made to this bank account:
Rotary International District 9910  - Reserve fund (Savings a/c)
Bank name:    ASB Bank Limited
Address:    Level 28 ASB Bank Centre, 135 Albert Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010
Phone number:    +6493747300
Website:    www.asb.co.nz


District 9930 covers the bulk of the area which suffered the worst effects of Cyclone Gabrielle including the Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and Coromandel. If you wish to send your contribution directly to Rotary projects in these areas, please use this fund.
To make an immediate contribution to the Flood appeal please donate to the District bank account your contribution and label it as follows-
Name: (your Name),
Reference: (Flood Appeal)
Code: (24300).
The bank account number is : 03-1552-0121120-00
The District is an incorporation and not registered as a Charitable Organisation and therefore no tax receipt can be issued.


RWCSNZ is raising funds both from New Zealand but also internationally which clubs in the affected Districts (9910,9920,9930) will be able to apply for.
To remit funds to this appeal please use:
RNZWCS Limited Westpac account
Ref: 017
Flyer with more information:  download from here
To apply for funds, use this application form:   download from here



Please download the flyer here with more information on how to contribute. Download from here.
Your club might like to also purchase one or more ERKS boxes to replace those which have been used for the cyclones. More information on ERKS boxes is here: https://rotarydistrict9910.org/page/emergency-response-kits