District 9910’s Changeover was held on the afternoon of Sunday 30th June 2019 at Point Chevalier Bowling Club, with great turnout of around 100 attendees...

The Changeover was very ably MC’d by Carol Caufield of East Coast Bays Club. 

(Now) PDG Jerry Norman took the stage for his final words as DG, presented his wife, Fay Norman with a Paul Harris Fellow Pin in recognition of her contribution to Rotary and support as DG Partner through his DG year

Jerry then invited 2019/20 DG Ian Kiernan and wife Jasmine to the stage for the handover of the Governor chain and exchange of pins.  

Jasmine introduced her DG partner Project for the 2019/20 year – raising of funds for ROMAC to assist upskilling of medical staff in isolated areas.  Funds will be raised through raffling at DG Club visits a number of original mosaic artworks based on Rotary International Presidential Themes through the years.  The mosaics have a practical purpose - can be used as a hot dish stand. The first of the series of mosaic artworks was presented to PDG Jerry and Fay.

All then enjoyed a musical interlude, 2 songs sung by George Field, nephew of Jasmine & DG Ian.

Peace Scholar candidate Monique Van Veen was then introduced by PDG Peter Garnett.  Monique spoke about her project – “Tastes of Home” Cookbook.  All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards creating a scholarship fund for young people from refugee/migrant backgrounds to enable them to enrol in a degree at AUT

DG Ian gave short address and introduced his District Management team and AGs for the year.

DG Ian invited DGE Elaine Mead and partner PDG Peter Garnett to the stage for presentation of DGE Pin.

Elaine then invited Bruce Rasmussen, to introduce DGN Grant Smith and his wife Sarah.  Elaine then presented Bruce with a DGN Pin.

A representative of North Harbour Club (Rotary home of PDG Jerry) handed over the “Home of the District Governor” plaque to East Coat Bays Club.  DG Ian hails from the Norfolk Island Rotary Club.  To carry out DG Club visits, Ian and Jasmine have relocated to Auckland until December & the ECB club has “adopted” DG Ian for the 2019/20 Governor year.  A “Home of the District Governor” banner was also presented to PDG Lindsay Ford, Norfolk Island Club, to be taken back to the island.

The new Governor Train for 2019/20 - DG Ian Kiernan and wife Jasmine, DGE Elaine Mead and partner PDG Peter Garnett and DGN Grant Smith and wife Sarah were formally presented. 

The official ceremony was closed followed by a delicious afternoon tea and fellowship.

Photos courtesy of Dave McCluggage.