– from Jasmine Kiernan (2019/20 Governor Partner)
As I am not “working” during the 6 months or so that we have relocated from Norfolk Island to Auckland while doing our Club visits, I decided that I would like to spend my spare time doing a project that would raise funds for one of Rotary’s programs. 
My choice of program is ROMAC and all monies raised from this project will be going towards a ROMAC program to upskill medical staff in isolated Island areas.  I have been making a series of one-off Mosaic artworks based on Rotary International President Themes through the years.  These artworks have a practical use, in that they can be used as hot plate/dish/pot stands.
First mosaic off the production line was 2018/19 International President Barry Rassin’s Theme “BE THE INSPIRATION”.
This mosaic was presented to 2018/19 DG Jerry Norman and Fay at the District Changeover on 30th June in appreciation for their wonderful year of service.
Since then, with the permission of each of our Rotary Clubs, I have been raffling the artworks on our official visits.  Raffle tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.  Each mosaic raffled is promoted & raffled at several clubs, and the mosaic is delivered or posted to the winner when the raffle is drawn.
Some examples of the mosaics raffled as follows.
Our French Island Clubs in New Caledonia did not miss out on their opportunity. During our visit to the Clubs in Noumea we raffled a mosaic of the International Theme of 2009/10 President John Kenny of Scotland.
Noumea Club’s Georges Giovanelli was 9910 District Governor and “THE FUTURE OF ROTARY IS IN YOUR HANDS” with an adjustment in language became “L’AVENIR DU ROTARY EST ENTRE VOS MAINS”
Noumea, Noumea Ouen Toro and Noumea Ducos Boulari Clubs were very supportive of my fundraiser and this produced the highest number of tickets sold for any of the mosaics raffled to date.
Immediately after our visit to New Caledonia, we attended the Zone 8 Australia – New Zealand Conference in Christchurch. As many Australian and New Zealand Rotarians would be at the Conference, I thought that would be a good opportunity to continue the fundraising for ROMAC by making this year’s themed mosaic. “ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD”. I sold tickets throughout the week and the winner was drawn by our RI President Mark Maloney. The winner was Mark Yaxley of the Avonhead Rotary Club in Christchurch and he is pictured below receiving the mosaic from RI President Mark Maloney.
Many thanks to all Clubs for their support of my DG Partner Project.
Total raised for the ROMAC Training Program to date is just over $4,000
Jasmine Kiernan